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Intellectual Property and IT Technology

As an intellectual property expert of overwhelming quality and quantity.
We handle intellectual property disputes.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Trusted by IP Professionals - IP Litigators for IP Professionals

Other IP

utilizing our extensive experience in the field of intellectual property to protect the interests of our clients

Patent Law

effectively and persuasively distilling technicalities into legal arguments

Trademark Law

highly specialized and sensitive litigation activities

Design Law

conveying designs appropriately and persuasively

Unfair Competition Prevention Act

accurate proof based on experience

Copyright Law

provision of advice based on legal risk plus actual reputational risk

Art Law

supported by a specialist attorney

Entertainment Law

advice optimized for the industry

Services for Patent Firms

supporting patent firm operations with an understanding of patent attorney practices

Antitrust Law

dealing with both intellectual property and antitrust law


respecting our mission towards academia and promoting industry-academic collaboration

Advertising Laws

A cautionary area
that poses risks
to a company's survival.

Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations Act

from the Consumer Affairs Agency’s investigation to actions in court

Pharmaceutical Affairs Law

proposing practical content that does not compromise advertising appeal

Corporate Law

with a representative from the legal and intellectual property department of the advisory firm.
We work together to support your business.

General Corporate

providing prompt advice that maintains business momentum

Management Disputes and Commercial Litigation

extensive experience in disputes between family companies

Employment Law

meticulous attention to detail required under labor laws

Debt Collection

choosing the appropriate procedure and maximizing results

Crisis Management and Compliance

minimizing reputational risk

Personal Information

privacy compliance as a business imperative


choosing the appropriate procedure in an emergency to ensure an immediate response

Civil Intervention Violence

supported by attorneys who continuously work on civil intervention violence cases


supporting the creation of competitive startups

International Transactions

dealing with multi-jurisdictional issues

Mergers & Acquisitions/Reorganization

the most suitable team at reasonable cost