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Civil Intervention Violence - supported by attorneys who continuously work on civil intervention violence cases

Hiroshi Yugeta specializes in civil intervention and violence cases and has been involved in a number of civil intervention violence cases in the past.

Mr. Yugeta is a member of the Committee on Civil Intervention and Violence of the Daini-Tokyo Bar Association and is therefore committed to ensuring the smooth cooperation of the association and the Metropolitan Police Department and redressing the rights of clients promptly and accurately.

Unreasonable and unacceptable words, actions and behavior from members of organized crime groups, syndicates, gangs, right-wing extremists, ordinary members of the public and people engaged as loan sharks, and complainers etc. will fall under the category of civil intervention violence.
If an organized crime member or other person has actually assaulted or threatened you, the most effective and immediate solution is to report it to the police and have it dealt with as a criminal case.

However, since the enactment of the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Gangsters (the so-called Violent Crime Prevention Act), the number of blatantly illegal activities has been on the decline as opposed to merely unreasonable demands etc. that cannot be criminalized.

There are more and more cases of coercion and obstruction of business that cannot be handled by the police. In these cases, it is necessary to contact an attorney who can send a warning letter to the other party or attempt to negotiate with the other party. There are times however, when the other party will refuse to cooperate, and it will thus be necessary to file a provisional injunction or a lawsuit with the court.

Also, any company, large or small, can get into trouble with civil intervention violence and complainers at any time. You may become involved too. Should you find yourself in such a situation you may want to talk to us right away. If you have any requests for ongoing advice on how to deal with such problems, claims, unfair demands etc., please contact our advisors