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Debt Collection - choosing the appropriate procedure and maximizing results

No matter how great the sales figures that are recorded in sales activities, they mean nothing if you do not receive compensation for the amount of sales.

If a debt is not collected, it is purely a loss of profit. In addition, under our legal system, if collection is not possible voluntarily, a creditor will want to convert or recover the debt or property, and there is no way for a creditor to determine the assets of a debtor. In recent years, the situation has gradually been made more transparent and the system has been amended.

We understand the importance and difficulty of such debt collection services and consult with our clients on what legal means are best and whether the debtor's assets are hidden somewhere, taking into account the prospect of recovery and costs.

Even in cases where there is no prospect of recovery, we may take legal proceedings to dispose of the loss for tax purposes.

In such cases, we consider in which year the loss should be treated as a loss and determine if it is not recoverable by the desired year and schedule it so that you can show it (which can be very time-consuming in the case of estate executions).