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Education - respecting our mission towards academia and promoting industry-academic collaboration

Universities are public institutions and should not be driven simply by a desire to make money, but rather should pursue “research activities and contribute to society" - this principle itself should be upheld.

However, a university's research activities, which go beyond its private interests as an academic institution to contribute to the advancement of academia, have led to the development of a new generation of researchers. In order to help many people, research funding is necessary. To give back to society as much as possible from the research activities at a university, we need to establish joint research agreements with companies on an equal footing.

We need to create a cycle of signing licensing agreements and using the results of our research to benefit the next academic research.

In cases where there is a model widely used by academia, such as the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA) in a Material Transfer Agreement, we can greatly shorten the time required to conclude a contract by negotiating a contract based on this model.

We negotiate and advise our clients from the perspective of a university, respecting the mission of academia by utilizing our experience in negotiating contracts between universities and companies in Japan and abroad, especially in the field of intellectual property.