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General Corporate - providing prompt advice that maintains business momentum

All the various transactions that companies make are governed by contracts. Whether or not you have a written contract is completely irrelevant. Contracts, memorandums of understanding, purchase orders, etc., are meant to prove that a contract has been formed and exists.

Contracts are a tool to prevent disputes, and a contract itself is in place as long as both parties are in agreement.

However, we go beyond simply checking the contents of a contract and provide advice on how to preserve the contents of the contract as evidence (e.g., should it be in the form of a contract, terms and conditions, or an order and receipt form) to minimize the workload.

When reviewing contracts, we not only provide legal advice on how to modify disadvantageous clauses in favor of the client, but also provide advice on how to make the language of the contract easier for the other party to accept and show how to persuade the person in charge of the other party to accept the same content.

We are aware that our legal services are only as supportive as a business itself, and that the degree of risk avoidance depends on the balance between the benefits of the transaction and the degree of risk, and we strive to provide prompt legal services that do not disrupt the momentum of the business.

We also handle other general corporate matters, such as dealing with shareholders' meetings and company incorporations.

Although many law firms handle general corporate legal issues, we are able to provide legal advice on intellectual property matters, and as a result, we are able to keep costs down because we do not need to have multiple legal counsel to deal with highly specialized issues in various IP fields.