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Intellectual Property Litigation - Trusted by IP Professionals - IP Litigators for IP Professionals

We provide a variety of intellectual property-related services, which is traditional practice for intellectual property lawyers. Our firm specializes in dispute resolution in the field of intellectual property law, particularly in intellectual property litigation.

IP litigation requires the ability to practice in the specialist area of intellectual property law. In other words, IP litigation requires attorneys to be familiar with IP litigation compared to general civil litigation.

The Tokyo District Court provides highly specialized IP litigation in four IP Divisions. Divisions 29, 40, 46, and 47, hear cases, along with the appellate courts of IP litigation whilst only four divisions of the Intellectual Property High Court hear cases regarding the rescission of trial decisions.

In recent years, cases handled by our attorneys continue to be pending in all eight of these divisions. This exemplifies our extensive experience in IP litigation. As you can see, we have a system in place that allows presiding judges to take the lead in almost all IP litigation.

Additionally, presiding judges take the lead in almost all the district court cases. However, because we have experience in all IP divisions, we have been able to keep up to date with the latest trends in the litigation process of trial judges and are able to provide dedicated and responsive services to satisfy our clients' needs.