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Mergers & Acquisitions/Reorganization – the most suitable team at reasonable cost

Our firm reviews and prepares agreements related to organizational restructuring, such as stock purchase agreements, merger agreements, company split agreements, and business transfer agreements, as well as internal corporate documents necessary for organizational restructuring. In many cases, there are legally set deadlines for each procedure in a reorganization, and we try to respond as quickly as possible after illustrating the ‘big picture’ of such procedure.

We also handle so-called due diligence (DD) on target companies, and are involved in the entire process from interviewing key personnel and company officers, identifying legal issues, and preparing due diligence reports.

The so-called "hourly charge system" typically used by large law firms may result in significant increases in legal fees, but our firm is able to offer a fixed fee proposal in accordance with the requests and needs of the client. In addition, we do not assign more than one attorney per area of practice, but rather select the most suitable and reasonable team of attorneys for a client’s project.