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Personal Information - privacy compliance as a business imperative

In recent years, companies that handle a lot of personal information have been exposed for leaking and using personal information for purposes other than those intended, and this has led to major privacy issues and made us aware that this has become a social problem too.

In addition, even in cases of obtaining and providing customers' movement history and other information that is not strictly personal information, society has been justifiably concerned. The laws and regulations regarding personal information were so sturdy that some businesses were eventually forced to stop. There is a strong tendency to want and desire the "proper" handling of personal information.

On the contrary, the business world is promoting the use of big data, and the Personal Information Protection Act has been amended. This is an ongoing process, and the use of personal information for corporate activities is becoming more and more active. As such, there are many companies that are suffering from the dilemma of being in the middle of the personal information dispute.

We are able to provide legal advice to companies that are taking a leading role in the acquisition of big data. We often respond to corporate clients and provide accurate advice on personal information issues. In addition, we draft privacy policies and various regulations, such as contracts for outsourcing the handling of personal information. We also assist in the development of related internal rules.