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Services for Patent Firms - supporting patent firm operations with an understanding of patent attorney practices

Since Yukio Kobayashi, a pioneering attorney with a patent/trademark attorney background, established the firm, we have worked with many patent firms on dispute cases.

We have represented foreign companies in infringement suits, invalidation trials, anti-counterfeiting measures in Japan, sending out warning letters, and other litigation matters.

We work closely with patent firms to negotiate license agreements, conduct domestic regulatory searches for foreign companies, etc. We work on cases in a variety of fields in close communication with our clients.

In addition, we also deal with consultations with many patent firms and advise them on matters that go beyond the core business of a patent attorney, such as drafting contracts, copyright law and unfair competition law cases.

In addition, a patent law firm is an entity, and we have to deal with a variety of issues in maintaining and operating it such as debt collection and labor issues.

We are proud of the fact that we are able to provide our clients with the best possible solution to their issues. We are committed to being a good partner with whom patent firms feel free to consult.