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Unfair Competition Prevention Act – accurate proof based on experience

The Unfair Competition Prevention Act (“UCPA”) lists the types of conduct that are considered as unfair in terms of business practices. The law contains various elements under a single law.

Article 2(1)(i) and (ii) is often used to protect well-known or famous indications even if they are not registered at the Japan Patent Office. Article 2(1)(iii), does not allow imitations of the form of goods for three years after the sales date in Japan. Article 2(1)(iv) to (x), protects trade secrets acquired wrongfully and Article 2(1)(xxi), prohibits actions that harm the business reputation of other companies.

There are a wide range of issues governed by the UCPA. It is unlikely that there are many lawyers with experience in each of the cases mentioned above. In addition, since no registration is required to exercise the UCPA, unfair competition must be proved in detail. We have extensive experience in all the above cases.